In our whole existence in school life we are many different personality of our classmates that we encountered. This personality they have are one of completeness of our school life. Because we start to learn on how to socialize different personality of people we encountered. We know how to handle their personality that make to us to be friend with them.

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The Bad and Good Influence

As a student we have a classmate that can be a bad influence and good influence. Who among your classmates is a bad influence? Your classmate that always invite you to go somewhere even you have a class. These are your classmate that text or chat you to not going to attend your class. Your classmate that invite you to drink alcohol. These are your classmate that have always a tag line like:

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The K-Drama Addict

Who among your classmate is a Korean drama addict? That when we ask them if they have a new Korean drama they always said “Of course I have”. Why? Because these are our classmate that always updated in Korean drama. Even if that drama is not already release and complete. Their laptop is full of different Korean drama. These are your classmate that almost of Korean drama are they already done watched.

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The Selfie Lord

Now a days most of students has gadget that they use in different ways. Cellphone and tablet are we usually use in social media. We use this gadgets in taking photos. Many application used that we can edit our photos that makes you glamorous and beautiful. And sometimes we edit in different face like animals and many more.

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The Clown

What is clown for you? If you ask this in children they always said that its funny person. They have a funny tongue. They said that “laugh is the best medicine”. Why? Because if you have a problem, you choose to be with your friends that makes you laugh so that you temporarily forget your problem.  In every group of friends, there is always have one that makes laugh to them. They are have a humorous mind.

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Who among your classmate that whole class is her BFF? That when he see you, he always said “hi best”.

As a student, we are oblige to make a new friends. Especially to our classmates. So that we have a friends to be with in whole college days. And have another group of friends that always be with you.

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The Bookworm

These are your classmate that love reading book. They sometimes called them a bookworm. They read different kind of books.

The book about numbers and computations that in our daily lives are we can encounter. This is your classmate that we sometimes called mathematician. We can ask to them in order to help us to understand the lesson that we don’t know. Because they read different types of this book they easily understand the equation and computation of different problem solving. They make the computation shorter in possible ways. Continue reading “The Bookworm”

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